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Intelerad Launches New Enhanced Clinical Portal

May 10, 2017

InteleConnect EV goes beyond traditional referring workflows, providing diagnostic-grade images and facilitating real-time communication between radiologists and clinicians

Montreal, Canada – May 9, 2017 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions, today launched InteleConnect® EV, the latest version of their referring physician portal. A zero-footprint application and enterprise viewer, InteleConnect EV enhances multi-specialty and referral workflows; improves operational efficiency and productivity; and helps medical imaging providers grow their referral and specialist networks.

“InteleConnect EV is a proven solution that helps medical imaging providers grow and maintain their referral base,” said Randall Oka, President and CEO, Intelerad. “In addition to placing patient images and reports in the hands of referrers quickly, the latest enhancements will enable patient-centric, coordinated care and collaboration among a wide array of care providers, including radiologists, specialists, referrers and clinicians.”

To help enhance patient care, InteleConnect EV provides access to full-fidelity (diagnostic-grade) images, enhanced viewing and manipulation tools, and an instant messaging tool to facilitate real-time communication between clinicians. The solution also provides an intuitive interface and workflows for referrers and clinicians that are built around the needs of the patient at every stage of care delivery. To better understand a patient’s history, InteleConnect EV also provides cross-enterprise access to images and reports.

To significantly reduce turnaround times, InteleConnect EV provides referrers with real-time patient status updates, notifications of report availability and critical results. A platform-agnostic solution, InteleConnect EV is accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Using the InteleConnect Patterns module, organizations can source analytics directly from InteleConnect EV to gain valuable insight into the behaviours of their referrer base.

To help maintain a healthy referrer base, InteleConnect EV can be customized with the medical imaging providers’ branding to strengthen loyalty and increase retention within its referral and specialist networks. Standards-based and highly secure, the solution supports any number of simultaneous users and comes with unlimited licenses so organizations can easily support a growing referral base.

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