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Fibrenoire in The Gazette

May 09, 2014

Now reaching over 1,000 business customers, Fibrenoire is the subject of an article in the business section of the renowned newspaper The Gazette.

In the article, they present the company stating the highlights of its history, its founders were introduced and, of course, there stands the financial picture.

The society, in which Novacap (TMT Funds) made a major institutional investment, now has a certain notoriety and becomes a threat to its competitors, including Bell Canada and Cogeco.

The agreement with Novacap allowed Fibrenoire to buy three fiber optic networks that became available in 2013, providing some relief due to the high cost of renting space network.

As part of this transaction, the seller became a partner in the capital of the company.


Rapidly, in numbers:

The company currently has 4500 km of fiber optic cable in a network that extends from Quebec to Montreal and the Ottawa area.

Today Fibrenoire reached $ 25 million in annual revenues and expects to double that total within three to five years.


Click here to read the article on The Gazette's website