Invest the capital required to foster growth and profitability (plant, equipment, sales, R&D)

Multibar is a leading manufacturer of nutrition and snack bars for the North American market.

  • Sector Industries
  • Fund Novacap II
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The objective is to become a North American leader in the nutrition bar industry. Therefore, the initial investment thesis is to grow the business by investing in additional high speed automated production lines while also diversifying the company’s customer base.


Novacap's value-add

Novacap invested significant capital in production equipment to accelerate the company’s production capacity. The company installed additional high speed automated production lines and invested considerably in research and development. The company also added a 200,000 square feet factory and completed a 100,000 square feet plant expansion. Moreover, Novacap helped Multibar reduce its economic reliance by 50% by supporting the company to vertically integrate and establish a plan to offer adapted manufacturing solutions.

Investments of over$70M
Production capacity increased by60%