Build a team of seasoned managers and support them in their strategic initiatives

​Fibrenoire is a telecommunications company specializing exclusively in fiber optic connectivity services for businesses in Quebec and Ontario.

  • Sector Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
  • Fund Novacap Technologies III
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Combining SRDP’s physical fiber network and Fibrenoire’s sales force creates a company with synergistic value, a dedicated sales team, a broad integrated network, reduced capital expenditures, cost synergies and higher profitability due to higher on-net sales.

Montreal is an ideal platform to create the next leading metro fiber carrier since Fibrenoire and SRDP are amongst the last remaining independent players in their respective markets.


Novacap's value-add

Novacap was involved in the hiring process of new key executives and was instrumental in building a strong management team with the leadership and skill set necessary to implement the Company’s strategic plan.

Novacap enabled the merger of two leading fiber optic businesses by investing alongside management and supporting them in their strategic initiatives. As an example, Novacap was instrumental in helping the Company build financial metrics and key performance indicators to follow the Company’s performance and to drive operational improvements.

Sole owner of a 1,200 KM FIBER OPTIC NETWORK