Added Value

Since 1981, Novacap has focused on investing entrepreneurial capital to support the growth of its portfolio companies and help them become world class companies. Our mission is to add value to each business we invest in.

See how Novacap helped companies grow and become leaders in their market by reviewing the case studies below.

« We are entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs. »

Pascal Tremblay President and CEO,
Managing Partner - TMT
Our contribution is customized to the companies needs

Stingray, with assistance from Novacap, successfully completed 18 acquisitions

Build a team of seasoned managers and support them in their strategic initiatives


Define and implement an ambitious and structured growth plan

Build a dominant position in selected market niches, in North America or globally

Maximize operational efficiencies

Invest the capital required to foster growth and profitability (plant, equipment, sales, R&D)

Consolidate the industry and maximize synergies

Plan and manage the exit to maximize value for entrepreneurs/management, other financial partners and Novacap